EPIC 413
Practical Audit & Sanitation (PAS+)
Reviews and Preparation

Our team offers Practical Audit & Sanitation services that will help your company prepare for audits or improve your overall sanitation. 

Practical Audit --
We are experienced with GFSI, GMP, HACCP, GAP/GHP, and Warehouse audits.  We help you prepare for audits (whether it is your 1st or 31st audit) by doing walk-throughs of your facility and reviews of your paperwork and help you identify areas in need of improvement. 

Practical Sanitation --
Our team has years of in-plant experience and we are able to help you 1) identify lapses in your sanitation, 2) develop methods to improve your sanitation, 3) work with your sanitation team to help them succeed, and 4) MAP out your facility risk areas by visual and ATP-bioluminescence examinations.

Contact us at michael@epic413.com for this service.

EPIC 413

Consultants in Food Processing
                            and Food Safety
  • Food Safety Consulting
  • Audit Preparation
  • Nutritional & Label creation
  • California Food Process Registration Preparation
  • Food Manufacturing Process Improvement
  • QA/QC advising
  • Document development and editing
  • Individual and Team Empowerment