EPIC 413
Food Processing Successes
Developed packaging solution to reduce food processing time by 50%.
Developed process solution to reduce calculation errors for recipe inputs.
Solved multiple food related chemistry issues.
Method evaluation and development for QC testing of food process.
GMP plant food safety and sanitation related inspections.
Food processing line reviews for efficiency improvement.
Advised on operations efficiencies.
Developed SOP's, conducted equipment validations.
Designed and equipped three microbiology laboratories. Two for Algae production and one for Food Safety Microbiology testing.

Biotechnology Successes
Developed and assisted in patenting a mobile biological production platform for bioreactors and biological production.
Wrote two patent applications.
Developed processing and R&D solutions for biofuels.
Developed cell culture supplements and processing solutions.

Empowerment Successes
Life coaching to help people move forward to accomplish their dreams and goals.

EPIC 413

Consultants in Food Processing
                            and Food Safety